The Centre for Creative Transdisciplinarity (TCCT) has been founded in order to research and develop prior and existing collaborations that could be described as transdisciplinary.

TCCT was founded by Gianna Tomasso, a postgraduate within the ACADemy research cluster at LIT. TCCT is an entity which can be described as an ‘instituent’ practice project in which the assertion of an institutional entity becomes the basis for art practice.

TCCT aims to work collaboratively with members on developing multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary interactions, understanding theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of TD and creating spaces of exception within the institution which will allow for transdisciplinary thought and practice.


In A Transdisciplinary Approach to Postgraduate Research Education:Challenges and Strategies (Hawkins 2017) concerns are raised at the ability of academic institutions to facilitate transdisciplinary collaborative interactions due to disciplinary hierarchical structures, simplistic understandings of ‘other’ disciplines’ and the complications of working together in an environment where specialisation is marketised by way of peer review publications/conferences. This paper highlights the ‘provision of physical and virtual spaces in which staff and students can build communities of interest and inquiry [which] would help foster a spirit of communication and networks both internal and external to the institution.’1

TCCT invite you to take part in the formation and development of such spaces of exception. TCCT will aim to produce events, focus groups, cross disciplinary and non academic transdisciplinary interactions and training opportunities, a digital repository of information as well as the organic and collaborative development of a type of curriculum which may inform future pedagogy regarding collaborative work across disciplines.

TCCT looks forward to working with you all!


Hawkins B. (2017) A Transdisciplinary Approach to Postgraduate Research Education: Challenges and Strategies. In: 1

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